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question about "sig-pic's"   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 7/24/17 by thebaron (albinahlvin); 1130 views.

just wonder, are there any way to upload a sig-pic that follow each post one make....
i have one that are linked from Photo-bucket,
but i wonder if Delphi have some kinda offer....???

askin' for ALL our members, so....are there any difference between Basic-/ an' Plus-members

Host of the


From: gunter


DelphiPlus and DelphiExtra members can have permanent sigs, see

The difference between membership plans are shown here:

let us know how it goes ...

In reply toRe: msg 2

next question…..can i have the photo in my computer, 
an' Delphi "pick it up" from there every time, OR do i need to have it uploaded 
at PhotoBucket or similar place ????


thebaron (albinahlvin) said:

can i have the photo in my computer, an' Delphi "pick it up" from there every time, OR do i need to have it uploaded at PhotoBucket or similar place ?

Actually neither! The image will be stored in your account's File space here on Delphi. When you create your signature upload the image from your computer to the signatures editor and Delphi stores it in your Files in a folder it creates just for this purpose!

I have a post on this here

and I'll repost the How To for signatures that Delphi has here as well

The membership comparison chart does not mention File space but Extra members have 50mb and Plus member 100mb - that includes your signature images and any other file you upload to your Profile's Files.

It does not include images you directly upload to messages - those do not count against your file space or your attachment allotment. They become part of the forum you uploaded them in though and can only be viewed from there (so you'd need to upload them again at a different forum if say you were showing off your vacation photos)

i'll do my best to follow your advice…..
then this show up…..HOW to erase these ??
thank's for your patience….


Rename the file on your computer and then try again. the name should be only letters(english words no special characters) and numbers and in place of spaces use an underscore_

so it might be albin_1

In reply toRe: msg 7

FINALLY found the solution……thank's for your help an' patience….
afterwards i found same question in a handful of other threads…COULD read before i posted….

one more thing….as you see below the whole thing work's GREAT…..again thank's

It does! Well done and don't worry about asking for help, everyone benifits :)