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Deletion of message by unknown member   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 7/31/17 by Chaser4167; 1768 views.
Kenny (HosemanMS)

From: Kenny (HosemanMS)


In my opinion, that would be a neat feature.......... If forum hosts and Managers could see who deleted posts.  If it was a person who has no controls that deleted their own posts, or if it was someone with Moderator or editing controls and I think it'd be neat also to be able to have a log of those deleted posts, so that hosts or Managers could see what was posted and who posted it after it was deleted.  Also, of course, you do know that someone who doesn't have Moderator or editing controls CAN delete their OWN posts, but only their own posts, right?

Just a random thought.  LOL


From: Cstar1


It's something that's been asked for over the years, but not something that engineering has elected to devote resources to. 

If you didn't delete a message, and your staff didn't (or if you have no staff) then the only option is the poster themselves. 

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Kenny (HosemanMS)

From: Kenny (HosemanMS)


Oh, I can understand that.  Actually, being able to see who deleted posts isn't really a big deal for me........ Thanks for the reply though, Gunter.