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DelphiPLUS Trial   Premium Forums

Started 8/3/17 by Dominus Veritatus (Zaige); 915 views.

I've been offered the DelphiPLUS trial via promotional pop-ups before, but was continually told I couldn't opt for it (I'm guessing, because I've been DelphiPLUS before).

I paid for DelphiPLUS for years. $580+ USD has cumulatively been received by Delphi Forums, first as a means for my supporting Delphi Forums, then later - as time went on, and more and more features got funneled out of DelphiBASIC and into DelphiPLUS - in order to preserve my forums, and my ability to administrate my forums. As a result of this pressure, I first went to accepting the sponsorship of another Delphi Forums member, then - when they too left - I dropped to DelphiBASIC, wherein

  • my essential Forum Administration features became inaccessible to me.
  • I lost my Forum Staff (they couldn't administrate my forum when I wasn't around)
  • I lost the ability to regulate traffic and my boards were at-risk any time work or other offline obligations kept me busy.
  • I lost the ability to check up on those who still had a couple of privileges, because Privilege Change Logs were made DelphiPLUS too.
  • I couldn't guarantee private folders were still private, as new guests were posting in private threads.
  • People could view the forums as Guests again, which put me at legal risk, due to the mature nature of many of the discussions there.

It got ugly quick, as a result of Delphi's most recent (for me) business model.

I want to try DelphiPLUS again, but I feel uncomfortable with the idea of doing it for the wrong reasons. If I could please be given the option to experience DelphiPLUS again, 'no-strings', I could maybe be convinced to fork over $15 in September to experience it again, whether it was for one quarter, or two quarters, or... *shrugs*... who knows.

The RPG and Lifestyle forums I once frequented have all disappeared over the years, as have the people who frequented those forums with me. This is a last-ditch effort for me to try and rekindle my interest in being a paying member of Delphi Forums.

I sent you guys emails regarding opting for a by-month membership plan, but 4 weeks later, there has been no response. I'd thought a request like this might be better approached discreetly, but if discretion isn't necessary, I'll go ahead and make a post about it on the Hosts Support forums here instead.


From: WaltHowe


We do not offer a monthly payment option. Your options are paying quarterly or annually. That is not going to change.

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People could view the forums as Guests again, which put me at legal risk, due to the mature nature of many of the discussions there.

Just a random tip here...

If you know you are dropping Plus you can make your folders private before doing so and they will remain private afterwards.


From: Cstar1


Even with a Basic membership, you can put your forum on moderation, and use Voice and Probation flags to control who posts in your forum. You can also use post waiting time. 

Other behavior can be quelled by clear rules, and enforcement of those rules when you're online. Put the forum on moderation if you're going to be away for an extended period of time. 

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From: Glen (GEAATL)


Post one may suggest a good marketing promotion - some type promotion to encourage former premium members to come back.   Just a suggestion...


From: Cstar1