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Forum restrictions ??   Administrative Issues

Started 8/3/17 by RW (VTwinNut); 1116 views.
RW (VTwinNut)

From: RW (VTwinNut)


I haven't had to deal with much in my forum but now something has come up.

What do the forum restrictions mean and how do they affect a poster?

Forum restrictions


Locked Out

On Probation/Moderated


I tried searching but didn't find info.


From: gunter


Forum restrictions

Gagged - members cannot post messages but can still read messages and delete messages previously posted.

Locked Out - members cannot enter the forum.

On Probation/Moderated - members have all their posts go to moderation for forum staff approval.

Bozo - members have their posts show as deleted to everyone, but they themselves see their messages as if posted normally.

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RW (VTwinNut)

From: RW (VTwinNut)


Is it proper to notify the offender if they are being restricted in some way?

I just wanted to say that not all of those restrictions take effect right away. Gag does and so it can be applied if you need to control a situation immediately and removed once the member has logged out and back in. So if you intend to place them on Probation you can check that box and Gag and then remove Gag once you see they've logged out. Their profile shows the date/time of their last login.

Do remove Voice if you are placing them on Probation as Voice will override that setting.

If you contact the member use a PM - that way you are not reveling your email address. Should the member become argumentative or start harassing you, placing them on ignore prevents their PMs  or profile email (sent through Delphi's system) from reaching you. But once they have your email address you can't prevent them from contacting you. 


From: Cstar1


BTW, gag & lock out flags should both work right away now. Recent change.