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Getting back my Delphi Plus?   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 8/8/17 by Marco Davanzo (MarcoDavanzo); 675 views.

Hi There -

I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go for help on this.   My DelphiPlus subscription was moved down to a Basic subscription because my credit card on file was closed.    I've gone into the system and put in a new credit card number.   Will Delphi now charge the new card?   Or do I need to submit a request for Delphi Plus again?

And once I go back to Delphi Plus, will I need to ask other administrators in the forum to give me moderator access?   Or will it be done automatically?

- MD


From: WaltHowe


You need to subscribe again, since your old subscription was canceled. 

Once you sign up, your Plus will be active again, and you will be back the way you were before. You shouldn't need to be enabled again.