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[ZetaBeta - Bug] Topics Under Folder   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 8/11/17 by Dominus Veritatus (Zaige); 635 views.

When I check the box to view topics under their respective folders, I get an ERROR string, and no matter how many times I log in or out, clean my browser's cache, etc., it continues to happen.

Note: I will go recreate the error again and copy/paste what it gives me.

I can't recreate that error here.

For some reason, when I went in to recreate the error, it didn't reproduce it for me. I waited for awhile, repeated my login/logout/clear cache/etc process, then went back in to do it, and it worked this time!

Either it was fixed, inadvertently fixed, or the error I encountered was a fluke.

Thanks! :)

Gliches...I hate 'em. When you say "went back in"...I'm assuming it wasn't your hosted forum; that forum is in Classic view.

I switched it back and forth when testing it.

I don't even have access to that option in Classic Mode.