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Limitations to topic length   Basic Help for Hosts

Started Aug-15 by sugr1; 421 views.

From: sugr1


The "subject" line of the posts is like half the size of the actual space, and limited to very few characters.  My people like to put a good description in the subject line, but it's so limited that they can't do it.  Can it somehow be extended?  Is it under my control as a host?  If it is, I can't find it.  

Thanks, Mimi 

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I'd like to know too, thanks!

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If you use Zeta you have I think 80 characters (spaces). Classic is limited to I think 40 and if you edit a Zeta discussion subject after it's been posted it reverts to the 40 characters as well. 

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Gary (GARY479)

From: Gary (GARY479)


I hv gotten usd to it by using easy abbr's, contractions like w/-- & cramming, lol.

I've rarely had to go passed the Classic limit. Must be the headline writer in me ;)

Makes sense!

Thanks for CC'ing me on this. :)