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Chapter Logo disappeared unable to edit start page   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 8/17/17 by Butch T (COBB1014); 400 views.
Butch T (COBB1014)

From: Butch T (COBB1014)


Am becoming more and more disenchanted with forum.  It has become a nightmare to work with.  I am thinking of recommending to our community to drop it altogether.  Members in the majority of chapters don't even bother to post on Delphi. 

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


The logo was removed from the hosted site or the site was removed altogether this is the address the logo was at and I get a server not found message when I go there.

Your forum is still in the old format and the Start page editor is outdated and will not work with IE. Switching to Zeta opens up newer features that are all mobile friendly.