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My Controls   Administrative Issues

Your office just took my quarterly money. Could I please have controls back in TAB?




From: gunter


I take it DavidSykes1 is also  daveask. daveask is the owner of TAB.  You are logging in and upgraded with the wrong account using google login?

Options: We can cancel the upgrade for DavidSykes1 and log in with daveask and upgrade.

Or transfer forums to DavidSykes1.

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Thank you for your response Gunter.

Before my present problems, I used Yahoo as my base email account and to get my Delphi notis. When I went to log in recently, I could not recall some very old information used when I set the account up. Thus I went to a gmail account which affords the luxury of logging in with Facebook. Prior to the present problems, I had controls in TAB, News and Views, In loving memory of Parrish and Liberty Lifeline.

If I may, I will allow you to decide which way I should use to log in. You have been around much longer than I~~



From: gunter


Just making sure - this account will have the the full name showing on each message. If that's ok, I'll transfer your forums.

In reply toRe: msg 4 see my tag as it now appears in this header.


Again, sincere thanks......


From: gunter


Forums have now been transferred. You may not have all controls until tomorrow morning, that's when the system updates forum status.

let us know how it goes ...

In reply toRe: msg 6

I noticed there was a couple things missing....

Thank you again Gunter. You would think after all this time, I would learn how to do something~

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Shira (JustShira)

From: Shira (JustShira)


I upgraded to delphi plus but can open a chat room on my page room is Just Us Crazy Girls

my nic is JustShira


From: gunter


The charges failed. Try signing up again, make sure all info matches the card charge name and address, no spaces in the card number.

let us know how it goes ....