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i've been asked to co-host   Administrative Issues

Started 9/15/17 by victor was right (KFinspector); 817 views.

hi gang...

i've been asked by a forum friend to take over her main forum, but it's been years since i did that with someone. i assume that SHE has to start this ball rolling, but she wanted me to ask here first. what do i do?

thanks for the help...

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


If she wishes to transfer her forum to you then...

Staff can do this for her, she'll need to either post here or write to them with the forum address (webtag) and her wish to transfer to you. If she wants to email the address is ask her to put forum transfer in the subject line.

Probably easiest to just give her the link t this discussion though.

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Oh sorry - I read your post without seeing the discussion title. If she wishes to remain as Host/Owner and add you as an Assistant she does need to be on Plus. If she already is then she can click on your name form a post on her forum and use the Set Privileges link in it to assign you as an Assistant.

thanks kidmagnet.

has anyone else had trouble logging in tonight?

the instant i clicked the button to do that i got "server not found"...yet i could access the forum like always.

i could only log in from my private message page, then everything was fine.


From: gunter


There have been some problems at the nameserver hosting our domain causing temporary outages.  Tech has been working on a fix.

sorry for the service interruptions ...