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Membership lapse   Administrative Issues

Started 9/20/17 by edaho (Doctrinist); 537 views.
edaho (Doctrinist)

From: edaho (Doctrinist)


I have been a Delpi Founding Member since 2001.  I have not been very active for the last several months on account of my favorite forum closing. Recently I began looking for another forum to get involved in. When I logged in I received a message that I needed to update my email address so I could receive messages from Delphi. My email address had not changed for at least the last ten years. 

When I was logged in I found that I had been downgraded from Founding Member to Basic.  I went searching for the reason why. It seems that when I had to get a new credit card because of a security breach, I forgot to change it on Delphi.

It believe that I would normally have been notified that my regularly scheduled payment had failed, but I wasn't.  If I had been I would have immediately registered the new card.  Apparently there was some kind of email glitch on my being notified. 

I would like to be reinstated as a founding member. However, I see that the cost of Delphi Plus has gone up $10.00 a year. I would appreciate it if you would let me have it for the price you billed me last time, when my credit card payment failed.



From: WaltHowe


You are back on Plus with the charge pending at the charter rate.

edaho (Doctrinist)

From: edaho (Doctrinist)


Thanks. I surd did not intend for my membership to lapse.