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Problem Accessing Delphi Forums   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 9/24/17 by BG311; 1443 views.

From: BG311


Has there been a problem accessing the Delphi Forums.  Three of us at Jesus' Place have had some difficulties.  One could get into the forums but the system would not allow her to reply to messages; she could only read.  Another was unable to access the Delphi Forums site for more than six hours.  Personally there were several times during the day but short times when I, too, was not able to access the Delphi Forums.

Everything is okay.  But there have been questions asking what could have created the problems.  One had the problem with Delphi forums on three consecutive days but no problem with her internet service or ability to make connections with other websites.

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From: gunter


There were several periods of problems this weekend with our nameserver, the  computers handling our connection to the internet. Tech is keeping track and making adjustments as needed.

thanks for the reports ...

In reply toRe: msg 2 wizard is experiencing problems. 

He was off line for a few weeks because of a computer system problem.  Now that he has internet access again he can't get into his forum.

His password wont work.  He requested a new password several times.  He said no email has arrived from Delphi.  I sent him emails through his site profile and also through a post he made months ago on the forum.  He tells me he has not received any of those emails, yet I can correspond with him through the email attached to his account with no problem.  I did tell him to use your email to contact support.  If he is not receiving email from Delphi I can't suggest anything else to help him.

We are a private forum but I believe you already have access.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.


From: gunter


The only Wiz of yours I see logged in early today. If it's still a problem, who needs the help?

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My wizard is not on the visitors list.  He has told me he can only get on site as a guest.    

If you can see him logging in, why can't I?   What is the username of the wizard that you can see?

When I checked his privileges  just now, his last recorded visit was Sept. 27th. 

Why does he get no answer to his request for new password?

I know this is difficult to unravel because he can't get into Delphi to come here and explain his problem and has to go through me.




From: gunter


OK, it looks like he's trying to log in with the wrong name. He can also log in with his email address instead of the name, the two are interchangeable on login. 

If he has been asking for a password using a different name, it would go to the wrong address. When asking for a new password, he can put in the email address you mentioned in your email to me for the password to be sent to him.

He can also get help by emailing

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I told him to email "service" and to use the email attached to his Delphi account.  I even spelled it all out with both his and Delphi's emails.  ??.  

I will suggest he try requesting a password with his email address.