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Very Basic Getting Started   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 9/26/17 by Lrrryo; 666 views.

From: Lrrryo


Brand new and need a tutorial for dummies... Step 1, 2, ect.

I've set up a forum, can't figure out how to make any changes.... gives the options, but not how to change or create forum subjects or anything. Like words to suppress or changing the welcome message, or anything. Just need to get started. 

Even on THIS forum, it's hard to find beginner info.

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From: gunter


There is personal help available, Hosts Mentors should be able to give some specific beginner's hand-holding. Take a look here:

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I've written up something to specifically address Folder set-up/Management for the host I am mentoring but will repost it here as well. No sense keeping good info out of a discussion that specifically requests it. (specifically is my word of the day) In the course of writing this up I discovered a few things I have not tried out yet. So... I might be putting the cart before the horse in assuming they work as stated stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye I will test as soon as I can and amend (and report) any discrepancies.

(See next post)

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You can find Manage Folders in Controls under Content and Roles

Once that page is up we have three sections to control our folders with.

If you are setting-up more than one folder we should look at those last two sections first.
View By Folder means that when a member arrives they will see all unread discussions in a stream, but the discussion titles will also show on the left hand side. They can choose then to scroll through all the messages in the stream, or click on a particular discussion on the left.

Folder Header View shows the headings for all folders whether they have unread messages in them or not. Most hosts find enabling this helps visitors see at a glance just what topics your forum includes.

I would check off both those options, you need do this one section at a time clicking on Update before moving to the next.

Now let's look at the top and see how to set up a New Folder and choose the options available. Click on New Folder and you will see this screen:


After you have entered a name for this folder the sections with Read Access, Write Access and Moderation set who is allowed to participate in that particular folder.

When the Read access is set to something other than All Members only members granted permission will be able to see it at all. Those without permission will not even see the Folder Header.
If Set to Some Members you will need to grant folder access in Set Privileges to each member including you and your forum staff members who you wish to see that secret folder. Hosts Only is similar to Some Members but automatically grants the Hosts of the forum access (skips the Set Privilege step)

**Every forum should have a Staff Folder even if you as the host are the only one to see and use it. This folder could be used to compose messages (or entire discussions) you are not yet ready to move to the public folders. It's a place you can move discussions you are needing to restrict (ones that have gotten away from you with members arguing, off topic, spam... etc) and should you have other staff members for your forum, a place for you all to discuss behind the scenes topics and ideas. When I place a restriction on a member I make note of it in my Staff folder, I post copies of my promos there as well.

Next we have Write Access 

Full access, which is the default means that any member can post a new discussion in that folder or reply to an existing "open" discussion.  None (Read Only) is exactly as stated, the discussions in that folder will be available for reading but not posting or replying to. Forum staff is an exception here and will be able to post new discussions in that folder as well as reply. Many forums use this set-up for announcements or tutorials. Reply Only means regular members can only reply to existing discussions in that folder, they may not start new ones. Again forum staff overrides this and can post a new discussion. Start Only is a one post discussion, essentially closing the discussion when the first post is made.

Moderation for folders is used when you wish to moderate that folder differently from the rest of the forum. If your forum is normally moderated this folder can be set to unmoderated and the opposite is also true. The default is to be the same as the rest of the forum.

Display order can be used when you want your folders to always appear in the same order. Numbering them in sequential order will accomplish that. You can "fix" some or all folders this way. When folders all carry the same value (number) for their order the folders will order themselves with the ones that have the most recent discussions on top. You might choose both methods, fixing say an announcement folder to show always at the top (1) your Staff folder to show (to those with access to it) next (2) and then the rest to order with unread or newer discussions. In that case all other folders will carry a value of 3.

Description you may wish to define the purpose for each folder. When a description is added it appears when a member hovers their mouse over the Folder Heading.

Once you have finished configuring your folder click on Update. You can edit these settings at anytime, whcih means you can do that for your forum default folder - Discussions as well.