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Delphi rules regarding spam or advertising in profile   Administrative Issues

Started 10/1/17 by ModDee; 519 views.

From: ModDee


Hi there,

Are there written guidelines for  spam or advertising on Delphi forums.  On the About Smoking Cessation forum we don't allow advertising or spam in posts on our forum.  We now have a new member on their first post to our forum directing our members to spam/advertising links to advertising in their Delphi member profile.   Is there a Delphi position on this ?

Text from new member post

"Hi. I'm new on this forum, actually came across it beginning of September and bookmarked it, but only joined today. Beginning of August I decided I had to quit smoking, after hitting 20 cigarettes a day and seeing cancer pics on Wikipedia. But I failed miserably (big surprise huh), and those nicotine-plasters are incredibly expensive here. That's when I really started thinking about smoking, what makes people gas themselves daily, etc.

  Anyway, to cut a long story short, I used none of those aides since I believe it only helps to re-enforce the addiction. Instead I opted for an online self-hypnosis course (I don't want to spam, so no link here, but I've put it in my profile settings), which worked the same day and was around four times cheaper than the plasters I also considered. I literally kept on forgetting about smoking! :D It's now almost a month, and I'm still free. It is a pretty amazing feeling to look at someone smoking and not having the smallest desire for it. Rather the opposite. So I am wondering who else here had used self-hypnosis before to ditch the 'addiction', or even just a hypnosis session at a shrink?"

Best regards.



About Smoking Cessation Forum

  • Edited October 1, 2017 7:21 pm  by  ModDee
In reply toRe: msg 1

From: Cstar1


There's no official position on a post like that. We allow and encourage our hosts to set their own rules, and enforce them as they see fit. 

If you feel the post is too spammy, feel free to remove it, even if it's not specifically against your rules. 

In reply toRe: msg 2

From: ModDee


Thank you so much.  Your response is appreciated, and your guidance is in line with the action we took.

Best wishes.