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upgrade/ delay ?   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 10/18/17 by thebaron (albinahlvin); 567 views.
thebaron (albinahlvin)

From: thebaron (albinahlvin)


good evening (time in sweden are now 21:15)
the host of the forum:
SCRC Chapter #076 South Sweden
the host name:
(i'll send in message if needed)

problem is:
host upgraded ~1hour ago to DelphiPlus
but still ain't access to make the changes of "Manage Folders"
the planned result is so that "Members" shall have access to all folders,

an' guests/visitors shall have access to part of them,
?but i can't make it happend…

is there some kind of delay, from that he payed, 'til it work's…..
if i check the "account" that the host have, i can see that he payed today…..

OR… there something i missed, when i should make the changes….

thank's in advance

Assistance Manager of SCRC Chapter #076 South Sweden

(i'm Host of the
an' my plan was to have the settings similar)
(i sent a private message to Gunter,
an' sorry for the inconvenience)


From: gunter


When the Host upgrades, DelphiPlus takes effect immediatelyfor the Host,  but owned forums do not catch up until the following morning US Eastern Time about (8 am or so.) At that point all the Premium features show up in Controls.

Sorry to make you wait.

let us know how it goes ...

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thebaron (albinahlvin)

From: thebaron (albinahlvin)


appreciate your reply....thank's.....
an' the delay....NO problem....
let ya know when it work's