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geisha blue theme   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 11/5/17 by JustBreathe (satori03); 1684 views.

i recently had a new theme installed at webtag Satori04..Geisha Blue...2 things are happening that the installer says has nothing to do with what she did..up on the top where you have a space to see similar forums you have a upside downb triangle(don't know the right word) to click on to bring the drop down box down..i do not have that anymore..and with each folder i used to see the last few threads that had been discussed and do not see this!

I see this,

Try logging out and closing any Delphi tabs you have open then close and reopen your browser and log in from the delphi forums home page (Just open your browser and type into the address bar and log in from the home page)

i did that and still see the same thing so let me keep working on it as i must be doing something wrong.  i can see all of that in this forum and my other forums

Do you have sight issues? If you super zoom in (or if you are using a tablet or iPad /phone) you will not see the "Other Worlds" drop down at all

EDITED TO ADD - can you see the drop down menu here it's called ~Places I Will Be~

JustBreathe (satori03)

From: JustBreathe (satori03)


i can see it but cannot see the arrow on the right that you usually click on

JustBreathe (satori03)

From: JustBreathe (satori03)


i do see the threads under the folders now so i am happy

Which you said in your first message and I missed, I apologize Satori. Which browser are you using? Chrome? The arrow shows on some browsers but not on others. The drop down still works, however I can have your theme designer fix it with a change to your style sheet, or rather Emma can provide her with the code change. Does Roni still have access to your controls?

PS - Emma in the next message is the person that created the program Roni and I (and many others) use to create forum themes. It's a very clean lined look, but it can be tweaked with changes.

EmmaGx (EMMAGX1)

From: EmmaGx (EMMAGX1)


... the dropdown arrows are hidden as part of the theme ... you can have the arrows back should you wish (I can let Roni know how to do this if you would like her to re-install the theme with arrows) but otherwise the dropdowns work in exactly the same way as before. Just click anywhere on any dropdown and you will see the full list of options.

The arrows are hidden, as they are ugly and un-themable, so they don't always fit in especially well with a theme, so I chose to hide them. Oddly they've been hidden on many many forums since 2012, and it's only this past week that anyone's asked about them at all!

As I said though, the dropdowns work exactly as before, so it's up to you whether you would prefer them back or not. If you want them back I'll speak to Roni about adding them back in!

Take Care!

JustBreathe (satori03)

From: JustBreathe (satori03)


I am good.  it was the problem with the folders not showing the recent messages i really had a problem i am good..thank you