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Happy to Signed up for another Year Membership!   Community Feedback

Started 11/15/17 by Quirkiestroh (Quirk) (quirkiestroh); 908 views.

Dear Delphiforums Administrators,

This November, I recommitted to keeping "Catholic Friends" forum open here in Delphiforums!
Even though we've always been a small forum, the people there have had great kindness and respect for each other!
I first opened "Catholic Friends" on May 25, 2002 and I'm very happy that the doors are still open!
Since Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey smashed Texas and where I live, I was slowed down a bit in keeping
up with my usual original birthday poems, and slower on responding to posts.  I want to say, thanks to all
here at Delphiforums for the years of support!

I like writing posts much better in Delphi than posting on Facebook, for many reasons!

If you want to be part of a prayerful, peaceful, and respectful forum of friendship,
come check out "Catholic Friends" anyone who has ever been there, would most likely
agree with this description of our forum!

Thanks again to Delphi for keeping the doors open for all of us here!

Quirkiestroh (Quirk)
Founder/Hostess of "Catholic Friends" @ Delphiforums


From: Cstar1


We're very glad you're here. Thank you for your years of foruming!

In reply toRe: msg 2

Dear Cstar,

Even though we have always been a small forum, the people have been loving and supportive of each other, and being the "Founder/Hostess of "Catholic Friends" has brought me many
wonderful friends and lots of joy!


Quirkiestroh (Quirk)
Founder/Hostess of "Catholic Friends"


From: Cstar1


The very best kind of forum to have - one that brings you joy, and friendship. :)

In reply toRe: msg 4

Dear Cstar,

I have met some friends in real life, others I talked with on the phone!
I love the emotional support and prayerful support from others at "Catholic Friends!"
A few have passed away in real life, and I dearly miss them, too!



From: Cstar1


Quirkiestroh (Quirk) (quirkiestroh) said:

A few have passed away in real life, and I dearly miss them, too!

Me too.