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Started 12/8/17 by Dominus Veritatus (Zaige); 1414 views.

I am trying to outfit my forum with hand-made CSS, and I have some very long waiting times before I begin to notice a difference, even after repreatedly Refreshing and Hard Refreshing the pages.

There used to be a "betawww.prospero" link that would show your CSS changes in live-time. That site seems to be down, so could I please get a link to where the new location is?

Thank you!

No access to the beta server, Delphi uses it for other things. That's going back quite a ways.

Which browser are you using? FF is terrible for clearing caches. Plus I use it the most and don't want to completely clear the entire browser, I use Chrome to work in and clear the cache constantly. I'll pull out another browser too if Chromes not catching up. In other words in my experience it's not Delphi as much as the browsers.


From: Glen (GEAATL)

12/10/17 is now a domain owned by a grocery logistics and software company CAMS Software based in Canada.

As of February 2008, Prospero Technologies (once Delphi's "parent") was acquired by Mzinga.  I imagine somewhere along the way they lost or abandoned the domain, just like Delphi Forums at one point gave up to the Delphi car folks.

So it's a cache issue?

I have no problem clearing my cache frequently while working on a Stylesheet, if I know that'll help. :p

Els (misselsa)

From: Els (misselsa)


If you are working on a style sheet you best do that on a test forum. Before you install a new theme it is a good idea to first put the Delphi default theme on the forum and empty the CSS box. Then install the new theme. Change one of the items on the colors and fonts page too will help.

Dominus Veritatus (Zaige) said:

So it's a cache issue?

Yup, let me know how it works for you.

I work with all my resources on various tabs in FF and then check the progress with Chrome, clearing the cache on Chrome each time. It worked well for me. It's been a few weeks and I have several browsers so I can't recall if Chrome alone was used to see how things looked or if I was opening various browsers. lol I've had some weird caching experiences with Windows 10 (an upgrade) and FF & Chrome.

Els (misselsa) said:

Before you install a new theme it is a good idea to first put the Delphi default theme

YES! I forgot, that too.

One trick I've used, is similar to the "use the Delphi classic", but I pick a Theme whose colors run parallel to the skin I'm preparing to install. For example, if my forum is going to be dark grays and blacks with white text, I click "Goth Theme", then I get to my work. Similarly, if I am going to make a Patriotic forum, I use the corresponding theme so that anything not covered by CSS, will still mesh with the overall style.

Is that parallel to what you were saying, or is there something specific the Delphi default view can do, that the other themes cannot?

Els (misselsa)

From: Els (misselsa)


Installing the Delphi defailt theme first and empty the CSS box helps to speed up the new theme to show.

I used to do the same as you, but not anymore. I install the theme and then change the color and fonts page to matching colors.

EmmaGx (EMMAGX1)

From: EmmaGx (EMMAGX1)


... it never was ... at least not that I ever used ... it was ... which still appears to be active ... although I've not used it to speed check a theme for years, so I've no idea if it still updates faster than ...

... these days the Start Page, and Discussion List (Left Hand Frame) are the only frames that you have to wait for at all ... the message frame (right hand frame) and start bar (tabs) always update immediately.

As Els and Kid have said, start from the Delphi Basic theme, delete the whole stylesheet code, and make sure to make at least one change on the Colours & Fonts page.