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Temp Admin Status   Chat

Started 12/9/17 by Kakes2; 495 views.

From: Kakes2


Hi, is there a way to manually make someone have temporary admin status in zeta chat.  Some of my admins have a problem with the drop down menu if the person is at the bottom of the Who's On list and it will not open all the way in order to make someone a Temp OP.  I know there are manual commands for java but I tested them in zeta chat and it did not work.  I also tried /host but that did not work either, since the person is a regular chatter with Plus membership.  Thank You

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From: Cstar1


Can you have them reduce the size of their zoom on screen, and access all the names on the list? Go from 100% down to 60% for example? 

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From: Kakes2


He has tried that several times.  He is using a laptop with Windows 10 and unfortunetly his touch pad is very sensitive and knocks him out of the room. He is also not very computer savvy. We have tried, without luck, to guide him on adjusting his touch pad. Nothing short of him tossing the laptop and getting a new one LOL , but that will not happen. Anyway, just thought I would ask. I even had him try /who to see if the names would shuffle to the top. Oh well, hope it does not happen too often.  Thank You.