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CSS Not Working...   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 12/15/17 by The Zookeeper (B0UNTYMAN); 733 views.

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CSS worked last Christmas and as a test last week. Doesn't work now.

/* Christmas Lights for themes with a Header */
td.msg td.wintiny {background-image: url(!important;
background-repeat: repeat-x!important;
background-position: 0px -18px!important;
padding-top: 30px!important;}

td.msgleft {background-image: url(!important;
background-repeat: repeat-x!important;
background-position: 100% -18px!important;}
/* Christmas Lights */

You have to make a change on the Colors and Fonts page and then it will work. I copied the code for the first line on that Colors and Fonts page and then used the Pick Color link to choose a different one. Scroll down and hit submit and the lights will work.

Then you can go back to the C & F page and pop in the copied colour code number and hit submit again. It might take twenty minutes or whatever for it to change back on the left hand frame.

You will probably have to do that each year.

Els (misselsa)

From: Els (misselsa)


Kid is right. Each time you change something to the CSS you should change an item on the C&F page too. I usely change the border size if everthing else is how I want it to be.

Border size, good choice...a single digit to remember. Thanks.