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Set Privileges Question   Basic Help for Hosts

Started Dec-24 by Freebird (freebird35); 335 views.

I wanted to block someone from entering my forum. So I go to my controls & fill in the information & up pops "Current user is no longer a member" or something like that. My question is, if that's the case, how is it he or she can continue getting on my forum? He or she has visited the forum many times now. What am I doing wrong if anything? Thanks in advance & HAPPY Holidays to you & yours!!!


From: gunter


Type in the name, making sure there are no spaces. Is it the membername, not nickname?

Its easier to click on the name on messages or the Visitors list to open the Profile, it will have a Set Privileges link.

let us know how it goes ...


From: WaltHowe


If you deleteĀ a member, they can always get back in, even if you previously locked them out. The deletion removes any restrictions.

I never deleted this member before. But thanks for the info & Happy Holidays to you & yours!!!

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Thanks for the info & I'll do that!!!