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Close/delete forum   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 1/8/18 by TheWhiteBuffalo (TWB787); 534 views.

I've done everything I can to delete a forum I started a few days ago. I switched my forum to classic view. I changed the mobile setting too. It gives no option under the settings to close/delete the forum.

When I change the forum settings to Zeta, the option to close the forum is not available. For the record, I'm the host and the only member.

grrrrr.....why must Delphi make everything so difficult (rant over).


From: gunter


Switch the forum to Classic - not in mobile.

Then look in Controls under Forum Settings, Main Settings, scroll down to Forum Status.

is that what you are doing? 

I can close the forum for you if that doesn't help.

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Thanks Gunter.

I have fiddled with the settings all day, and the only thing I can figure is that it won't work with an iPad. Maybe I need to be on a desktop?

If you are able to close it for me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Desktop version looked exactly like my mobile device. No path for closure on classic view or Zeta.


From: gunter


OK - this is

which is closed now, may need logging out first to see the change?