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Won't let me in to see reports.   Administrative Issues

Started 1/10/18 by Ginny (1NativeAngel); 435 views.
Ginny (1NativeAngel)

From: Ginny (1NativeAngel)


Help,   I'm co-host at The Light Within,  and I can't get into the reports.  I am a plus remember and it keeps on giving me this message.

DelphiPlus-Only Feature

The Visitor Log controls are a feature of DelphiPlus

When you upgrade to DelphiPlus, you get access to these controls, and you can
  • Select from one of our pre-made forum themes or create your own
  • Create as many chat rooms as you wish
  • Name assistant hosts and other forum staff
  • View enhanced forum usage reports
  • Promote your forum across Delphi Forums
And you get all of those features for every forum you host. You also get these great membership benefits:
  • Ability to search through old messages as far back as you wish
  • Ad-free experience in all message boards and chat rooms
  • Integrated spell checking
  • Restrict access to content in your member profile
  • Mark threads as high interest for future reference
  • 100 megabytes Web and photo storage space
  • Another 100 megabytes to store your message board attachments
  • ...and more

Learn more about DelphiPlus

Learn more about how the Visitor Log controls work in the Control Center Manual


From: gunter


The Host is not on DelphiPlus. Let her know to sign up again, making sure she picks a DelphiPlus plan.  The forums will catch up the morning after that and you should have full controls then.  She can post here if more help is needed.

let us know how it goes ...

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Ginny (1NativeAngel)

From: Ginny (1NativeAngel)


Thanks Gunter.. I will let her know.