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Inserting u-tube videos   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 1/30/18 by srragland; 1511 views.

Aha! Well if you do not mind Zeta you cold switch your whole forum to it and post youtubes all you like. To see who you forum looks (or to give it a try) you can view it as Zeta this way:

The webtag is thespiritualh


From: srragland


Thanks for checking that out.... Now I know what you mean by zeta.  I prefer the old style forum as it is much more difficult for me to navigate the zeta style forum.  I do not plan to be posting videos on my forum because it is inactive except for one poster who converses me intermittently... I saved your message in case I change my mind later.  Every day is a new day. ;-)

Thanks, Susan