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Can Not Open any posts in one of my folders.   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 2/9/18 by GracieNan and Johnny (GRACEREJOICE); 1451 views.

Hi I can not get into one of my folders there is seen 9 messages and I can not access any of them!

If you have set it to Some Members you need to grant yourself access to it. Just do that under Set Privileges same as you would for another member. You might need to log out and back in to see the folder.

Hi Kid,

I tried all of that and it will not open.  Prior to this happening it worked.  Then i noticed that certain posts were in wrong folders.  I am starting up a forum I had old post in and had cleaned up.  All was well and then this happened.  I even posted in the folder adding a few post and they did not show up with the others.  Help I need help.  I want to start inviting friends but I want it to be up and working.  Thank you.

Oh I see - this is a problem with moving messages out of time order. If you want to temporality add me as an assistant (if you are a Delphi Plus host) I can help you fix it. 

I’m actually being a bit lazy in my offer but I’m used to doing this and it’s easier to do it than explain. If I can set it right I will make sure you know how to move messages properly.

OR instead of tidying up an old forum you can open a new one. Starting fresh is way better than trying to repurpose one. They are free and plentiful! 

Hi Kid, thank you for your advisement yet I perfer to keep the forum where I am at..

I will go ahead and put you in as temp assistant to help fix what has happened.

Let me also know what to avoid to not have this happen again :((

Here is the link to my forum, thank you very much.

GracieNan and Johnnie (GRACEREJOICE) said:

Hi I can not get into one of my folders there is seen 9 messages and I can not access any of them!

Is that an access controlled (private) folder? All the public ones seem to match up.


From: gunter


GRACERJOICE does have access to all folders.

In reply toRe: msg 8

TY - must be a private folder she is having trouble with.

Hello Kid I have given you access and Gunter which i thought you had access.  Thank you.. were going to fix the mess I made you said I changed things and it was date sensitive or something like that.  OK I hope you can help or I will just have to not have use of that folder.  Thank you.