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Selling on Delphi?   Administrative Issues

Started 3/25/18 by Sassy (MrsSassy); 521 views.
Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


I have a person that's trying to advertise / sell products to my Forums Members. So far I have stopped them from placing their "junk" on my forums message board, however they are using various names to avoid my efforts and it's getting really old at this point. 

I have the Forum set on Moderation however I normally grant voice to people who have visited the Forum several times so that they can post.

My concern is that they will continue to be able to post their pitch to my members until I have locked every name out that I don't recognize as a participating member at *Hearts*. That's something that I DO NOT want to do but will if necessary as doing that only brings less traffic into the Forum when that's not what we want... Any advice would be very much appreciated...

I have contacted them thru their profile and asked them to stop however that didn't work. I'm wondering now if it's a violation of the Terms Of Service to do that?

I have no clue if they own a Forum or not on Delphi but their posts don't indicate one. They do have a web site to go to where you can  purchase their "junk" if your wanting it I can provide that to you.

Thanks so much!


These are spammers and it is against ToS however the most Delphi can do is close the account. They just reopen new ones.

I think of it as junk mail, annoying for sure, but if I can catch it with Moderation so it never lands on the board, I'm one step ahead of them.

Sassy (MrsSassy) said:

My concern is that they will continue to be able to post their pitch to my members until I have locked every name out that I don't recognize as a participating member at *Hearts*.

You should not need to lock out anyone that hasn't been a proven problem. I usually don't grant voice to members until they post. Granting voice to members before they post is ok too - if you are certain they are actually members. Spammers will have brand new accounts and always try and make a post as soon as they've entered.

You can fwd the post to ToS ( if you like, that gets the account closed faster. Or just delete the post.


From: gunter


Trying to contact spammers is not a good idea, then they know they're being noticed which is what they want. It's best to delete messages in moderation and not commenting at all about it in public. That usually makes them go away in short order.

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Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


Great suggestion and I will take your advice! Now if I can figure out why Moderation is giving me problems~~  I must say it HAS done its job perfectly for 18 years and until recently it has always worked without a flaw for me.

I haven't changed any setting  and I just checked again and ALL messages are to be held in Moderation other than those granted with voice... which is how it is set up so I have no clue how some posts managed to sneak through and where placed on the board without my approval?

I ended up just editing the offending post so that the link they gave in the post was gone. I don't want to start deleting posts as that just makes the thread look like Swiss cheese~ lol just my thoughts about it...

One quick question I do have is what is suppose to happen to the post when you Deny it and then click on SUBMIT? (I'm sure I knew this at some point but old age is catching up to me I think LOL )

Thank you for all your help~ it's VERY much appreciated by me...



From: gunter


When you deny a post it goes poof ... it's gone, never existed.

still a puzzle re the one that did snea through ...

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Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


The one that snuck thru Controls Moderation Que is still posted on the Forums message board Gunter.

I didn't want to delete it or move it out of view just in case you wanted to look at it as it may have a clue you may be able to find. I will authorize you access to the staff folder now... lol

The staff is aware of the problem so they will not reply to his post as that is customary where the staff welcomes new members and figures out how best to support them.

Thanks yet again Gunter!

Your the BEST!