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Chat has vanished....and other issues...   Chat

Started 4/3/18 by Rebecca (_Queen_Bex_); 831 views.

Hey, my IRC subscription ran out on the 30th March and I've only just been able to renew it, but since then the Chat side of my room (Sunset Paradise) has vanished and not come back and every time I try and see things in Controls it tells me I need permission from the room Host to access it.......yet I AM the room host......

What could be the issue??


From: gunter


I see you did supply new charge info but forums catch up only once a day,  in the morning after renewing your DelphiPlus. The chat room and other premium options will return then.

sorry to make you want ...

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That's ok, I was told the same thing by another chatter after I had posted in here. While I have you here though, my friends list has completely stopped working, it won't load at all. I click the tab that says "friends" and it just whirls the loading circle up the top, then goes to a page saying "delphi took too long to respond :- page won't load".......(does it on my phone, laptop and tablet.....and 3 different browsers)....

Attached an image for you to see...



From: gunter


re Friends not loading.

Tech will need to take a look, I've let them know.

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Any news on this Friends List problem??


From: gunter


nothing new, sorry ...


From: gunter


Making sure this is the Friends tab on MyForums,do you still get the error message? Tech sees a high number of repeat request and is checking on the why.

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Rebecca (_Queen_Bex_)

From: Rebecca (_Queen_Bex_)


Yes I am still getting the problem and yes its the friends tab On My Forums.