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Updated CC info, am I still ok?   Administrative Issues

Started 4/17/18 by [PC][Ch]amsalot (CHAMSALOT); 1025 views.

Ooops, I let my CC info lapse.  Just updated it.  I'm still good right?

Thanks, and Hi Everyone!



I mean... hey, how's it going...?


From: WaltHowe


Hi stranger! Long time, no see!

You are back on Plus with the charge pending.

It's going great!!  Sure do miss everyone! :D

Greatly appreciated Walt.  Thank you!


Walt, I have two more quick questions...

1) "The Commport" (webtag: maxcommport) no longer shows up as one of my hosted forums, instead it is on my favorites.  How can I fix that?

2) Are the little Delphi Plus icons gone?  Actually, it looks like I might be still on "Basic".   Do I need to log out and log back in?



In reply toRe: msg 6

Logging out and back in solved my "basic" issue and I see the plus icon setting now.  So now I just have to figure out how to get maxcommport into my hosted forum section.



If your forum is in classic just reassign yourself as host. If it's in Zeta- switch to Classic and do that  then switch back.


From: gunter


With the forum set to Classic, Controls, Forum Settings, Forum Ownership, Confirm and Submit your name showing there. That will fix the listing.

good to hear from you ...

Thanks gunter!  Have a great day!