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Ads Hijacking Mobile Browser   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 4/18/18 by john7g2; 2671 views.

From: john7g2


When I check in on my phone using Chrome I do not log in so therefore see ads.  A few of them have been hijacking the mobile Chrome app, specifically the particular Chrome window that is opened.  I can't back out of them, have to close that window and reopen.  

I got some screen shots of them.

18 April

16 April. 9 April, 2 April, 1 April

12 April, same one got me 2x.

1 April



From: gunter


Looks kike you picked up some adware/virus, not caused by us.

How to remove “Congratulations Amazon User” pop-ups (Survey Scam)

Adware By Stelian Pilici on January 3, 2018

If your web browser is constantly being redirected to sites that display a “Congratulations Amazon User” message, then it is possible that you have an adware program installed on your computer.

A few of us had this happen on our iPhones a while back. I just kept clearing my cookies (which can be pretty annoying if you use your phone to access sites you save preferences on) and it stopped.

This amazon user one has recently crossed over to Android, but if you don't follow it it's probably just detecting the cookie and serving you the temptation. Go through your cookies and see if any of those names/addresses pop up. Or do the lazy bit like me and just clear them all out (make sure you know your passwords etc if you have them saved on Chrome)

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From: john7g2


Thanks Gunter I'll take a look at the link later this evening.  I hope I didn't imply that it was Delphi, never thought that at all.  It seems there is some trigger in the ads that show in Delphi that causes the pop ups.  It hasn't happened on other pages or windows or sites but I don't do a lot of surfing with my phone either.  Maybe it's a coincidence but it's a regularly reoccurring one on my android phone when checking in here. 


From: Showtalk


I had that, too. Something in an ad triggers it.  I was unable to remove it so I stopped using that browser.

Gary (GARY479)

From: Gary (GARY479)


I have an iPhone and iPad and I do not get those ads in normal Safari mode but they are most common on Facebook which uses a ‘portion’ of Safari (its own version).

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From: john7g2


As an update to tjhe OP. The problem never went away. I checked phone for virus adware etc and nothing was noted.  

It's getting irritating for other forum members now.


From: gunter


Here is a detailed article here on how this happens. It mentions that norton and other antivirus programs pick it up, so it's odd that's not happening.

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From: john7g2


Here's my Norton results from a few minutes ago.  It didn't like Weather Underground or Should I Answer but those are 2 reputable apps.  If it wasn't confined to Delphi I'd agree with you but the redirects only occur when on a Delphi forum.  Odd that while I was in the UK for 3 weeks this never occurred... but I was seeing different ads there too. 

And a new one today... amzon.te eventually got blocked by the Google.

john7g2 said:

Odd that while I was in the UK for 3 weeks this never occurred... but I was seeing different ads there too.

And you were using the same phone/device and browser? Then it probably is an ad that is triggering it. It might not be the ad that is infected but something about it triggers the malware on your device. When this happened to me Clearing cookies and browsing data from my device removed the problem.  If you've done that but the problem persists it may be hiding as an app.

This page is talking about a different scam but the suggestions are applicable. I followed them with my Samsung tablet and I have no idea what half these apps are as they came preloaded so I googled any I did not myself install to find out if they were legit (they were in my case) Malwaretips suggests removing any apps that were installed since the problem began

Tap on the app from the App Manager for more information. Any you want to remove tap Clear Cache, then Clear Data and then Uninstall.

EDITING TO ADD: John, I'm using my basic account "lurkmagnet" at your forum to do some testing. Hang tight today while I see if I can add something to this.