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Threads Disappearing   Message Board

Started 4/23/18 by Asst. Mgr. (JEANNE2079); 1592 views.

We decided to drop two folders to make room for others.  Messages were deleted and folders were then renamed.  Smallest problem is "new" folders still show the number of messages posted to the folders before the message deletions and name change.

BIGGER problem........threads from other folders that are moved to the Youth Groups folder are disappearing.  I posted two  new test messages to that folder and they have appeared.  I moved an old one message thread to the folder and it disappeared.  Using the "title search" tells me that thread doesn't  it was deleted??????     sad  I tested again with a 6 message thread.  After moving the thread to another folder, statement says it was moved and it did appear in that folder immediately, but when moved to Youth Groups statement says it was moved but did not show in the folder.  Without leaving that page I was able to move the thread back to it's original position and it appeared in the folder list.  What is going on with the Youth Groups folder that it is "eating" threads?

We also renamed a folder (just adding one word), did not delete any messages and may have lost all messages after 4/2004.  There is no "next 50" option.  Also, any threads moved to it did not appear till 24 hours later.  


From: WaltHowe


I doubt that any messages are actually deleted when you move them. They are still there, but indexing does not update immediately, so search does not work right away. When and if the indexing is updated, they should be findable again. If you have the message number of a "missing" message, you should be able to access it directly by including the message number in the link.

It's the way information is stored on the server. When you have an older forum like the one I think you are talking about moving or deleting discussions can cause problems by creating gaps or holes. The disappearing discussions are still there, they just don't show as they should when you view the folder. Like Walt said you should be able to find the message with the discussion number

Asst. Mgr. (JEANNE2079) said:

I moved an old one message thread to the folder and it disappeared.

This tells me you probably have a "gap" in tat folder. So the old discussion moved there as it should but it's on the other side of the gap and there are probably more discussions you cannot see on that side of the gap as well.

When moving or deleting discussions it is best to go to the oldest one you wish to move/remove and work forward in time, but even then it can go haywire. I always suggest leaving messages where they are and just renaming to folder. Close the last ten old discussions in that folder and put a new one up announcing the change.

Oh and the gap can be closed by finding a message that is not visible and adding to that thread/discussion. That has worked in the past. Advanced search does not always work for missing discussions (it might if you have the direct link to it or the messages number) I use the Next 50 but at the bottom of the list of discussions to load more messages until I see old ones pop up. If they are really important I can help but I'd need access to all the folders.



Thank you.  I used the same process on two folders.  One is working without any problems accepting threads moved from other duscussions.  The other one is not showing anything moved to it.

Question:  If deleting a folder's contents all at once leaves "gaps", why do we have the option to delete a folders full contents in the first place?  Shouldn't there be a warning that folder messages should be deleted in small bunches?

I have no lists of message numbers that were in the deleted folders.  How could anyone even manage to catalog over 70,000 messages?  shocked



I don't design the software, I just look for loopholes lol I completely agree with you. I don't think we even have that option n Zeta.

If you have tons of patience try this... make sure you have access to read all folders. Use the list of discussion folder to show All posts then scroll down to the bottom where it says Next 50 click that about a million times checking after each click to see if any messages show in that Folder. Eventually - HOPEFULLY they will. Then use that discussion to post a new message in and see if that fills up the folder.

I have tons of patience but not a lot of time - if you'd like me to help I can but I'd be doing it at night.


Only need to click a million times?  LOL. I will try your suggestion and see what developes.

I gave you voice and access to the two Edison folders.  The one that is giving us problems is Edison Youth Groups. I have posted test messages to the two folders but "next 50" has not appeared.  I have also clicked on "show all" at the bottom of folder lists and "next 50" does appear and I clicked till there were no more of that option, and none of the old messages appeared.  Still, the two folders show 84 and 904 messages.

I used "show all messages" and ran out of "next 50" about 2007.  The folder Edison/Raritan shows 2,382 messages, but the last is one transferred there dated 2004.  The forum started in early 2001.  There is no way that list of threads contains 2,382 messages.  That folder just had one word changed in it's name.  No messages were deleted.

What a puzzle!

Well that is weird - I love weird things lol. Did you try advanced search setting the date parameters to show oldie messages and using a keyword you are rather sure of?

Indexing was taking over 18 hours to show a moved message.  That problem is solved.  However we are still missing or unable to see all the messages in a folder that only had it's name changed.  Yes, we deleted other folders and we understand the "gap" reference and that is why the folders still show the number of messages in the new folders as equivalent to the number of messages in the deleted folders.

The folder now titled Edison/Raritan Township was originally titled Edison History.  We did not delete the folder yet when the name was changed, access to all messages, at least as far back as 2010 (to my recollection) are no longer visible.  That must be a glitch in Delphi.  Needless to say, we are upset that something we wanted to save and eventually promote is not available to us.