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Chat logs not turning on.   Chat

Started 5/3/18 by Kenny (GoofBall1983); 1449 views.

The logs in my chat room haven't been turned on since 7:59PM Eastern time tonight.  I typed /log on myself, they still didn't turn on.  So, I typed /log off, then /log on and still nothing.  I even had one of my Moderators to do that and they still didn't turn on.  However, (and I'm trying to explain this, please bare with me), the logs did register as being turned on for a little while tonight, then turned off again.  However, I am not having this issue with my Moderator-only chat room.  Is this a glitch of some sort and I just have to wait for it to be fixed? 


From: Cstar1


It looks like logging is working, but it's delayed by a couple of minutes. 

I did 3 tests in the room, and turned the log off and on once. Only the first test is showing up in the transcript so far. 

In reply toRe: msg 2

Cstar, thank you for your help, I very much appreciate it.  However, I did a little experiment.  It seems that the chat logs in my forum are not registering in the Transcripts until the last chatter has left the room.  After that, I placed the WelcomeBot back in the chat room, turned the chat logs back on and typed TEST into the room and the logs still wouldn't register under the Transcripts.  It shows as the logs being turned on, but not showing up and that was at 4:33PM ET today.


From: Cstar1


I see that in the log. Very strange. Checking with engineering. Shouldn't take kicking the bot out for the transcript to appear. 

In reply toRe: msg 4

Thank you, Cstar.  It did take getting all the chatters, including the bot out of the chat room for the chat transcript to appear.  One of my best Moderators is thinking about taking some time away from chat and another one might do the same, so I really would like to be able to read my chat transcripts, it does come in handy.  LOL  That's the reason I wanted the WelcomeBot in there.

Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


Kenny, I'm experiencing the same issue~ did you ever figure out what was going on at your Forum? I turn my log on each night when I get to the room yet I have no chat logs for the 9th or 10th.  I sure could have used one as we have been hit several times now by the same Troll.  I

would like to contact TOS to see if anything can be done to stop this person but without a transcript I don't have a leg to stand on. Delphi's  Terms of Service state that people can not stop others from using Delphi and that is exactly what is happening so I'd really like to see what they say at least.


Sassy (web tag- comfortplace)

Kenny (GoofBall1983)

From: Kenny (GoofBall1983)


Sassy, I never did figure out why my chat logs weren't logging...…… However, the problem seemed to have fixed itself after a few days.  Also, I have since shut down my forum.  I just don't have the time, now to maintain a room, plus my room kinda got dead...…….. Stuff happens, ya know.  LOL