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Folders Question   Basic Help for Hosts

Started 5/11/18 by Stephierawx4; 803 views.
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Sorry folders cannot be deleted.

The host of a premium forum has access to a special tool that can delete 50 discussions at a time. They MUST be deleted oldest to newest though. If done wrong the folder can appear empty but still contain posts which threaten to LEAP back out of the shadows. lol

Instructions are here

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Only the host has access to the tool I mentioned but your assistant can delete one discussion at a time. They still need to follow the oldest to newest rule.

Walt knows more about copyright - I’ll CC him - oops I forgot lol

I will bump to him 

Can you answer her questions about copywrite please 

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From: WaltHowe


Copying a single short paragraph out of a book for purposes of discussion is usually OK under Fair Use considerations. Make sure you give credit to the source when you do it. Do not keep adding more quotes from the same source. At worst, Delphi could be asked to take it down.

See my page on copyright at