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Just wondering...transfer ownership   Administrative Issues

Started 6/2/18 by Shrinking Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 827 views.

I am having health issues and was wondering if I need to transfer any of my forums to my assistant, do I have to post my wishes in all the forums that I want to go to her (about 15 to 20 if that)  or just one post stating which ones to transfer?

I do plan to be around a while but who knows....

In each forum you wish to give over on Controls/Forum Settings/Forum Ownership and follow the instructions. I don't do that may be different if you have that particular forum set to Zeta.

You're very welcome. Any glitches...c'mon back.


From: WaltHowe


... or you can send a single message to listing your succession wishes, and we will annotate your account. 

Great, this is even better, sometimes typing is hard for me, this makes it easier!  Thank you Walt!