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Member Count After Deleting Some Members   Administrative Issues

Started 6/17/18 by yogacat; 373 views.

From: yogacat


The host on a private forum deleted several inactive members.  His member count dropped from 63 to 60 as expected. Those of us who are assistants, etc.  still see member count as 63 even after logging out, clearing cache, etc.  We have tried different browsers on different operations systems.  We still see 63.   Any idea what we need to do to see the updated count?


Where are you seeing the member count? In Controls or on the forum itself? Is it a Zeta forum?


From: yogacat


It is a Zeta forum.  I see it on the forum itself in the upper right-hand area  (members, messages, posts today).  Not sure about the host.  He posted recently to say that he's seeing 63 again as well.  While it would be nice if that location for member count were accurate, I think we could all cope with any single place to easily access an accurate count for all of us.

I cannot test it from mobile  but will later. Thanks for the reply.