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Sticky Thread or Altenative Request   New Features / Wish List

Started 6/18/18 by Darn these winter slippers! (Kidmagnet); 1783 views.

As whole forums are migrating over the sticky thread is a request I hear often. One forum to be more specific, wants to highlight the FAQ thread so it is easy to find. Announcements do not show if you enter the forum to a specific discussion or if you are already reading when you need to access the FAQ. So my question is two fold

1. Is it possible (within Delphi's framework) for engineering to even create sticky posts?

2. And if not is it possible to add a section to the left where we can link off Delphi sites.

This particular forum is already using their Website slot (beside the Host name) for their forum location. I can suggest they use that for the time being but it would be my request that an additional widget for the left hand sidebar be added where we could enter web addresses/site names.


From: Cstar1


I can ask, but that's specifically what "Announcements" was created for.

Would suggest that for the "offsite" link they use the website link provided. Not sure why that would be used for the forum location, when you're already in the forum?

In reply toRe: msg 2

No it was a link to their previous forum (off Delphi) which was still acting as an archive. We used that space (website) for the FAQs - the announcements are not handy and the link for them on the side cannot be renamed.

The blogs have a widget for external links so I am fairly sure that at least is possible, A bit more personalization for various forum components would make them flexible enough to use for members arriving from other (defunct) sites.

In reply toRe: msg 2

So I have a different idea... Most requests for actual sticky threads (that show to everyone no matter how many times they have gone in and out of the forum or how they have arrived...) are for threads containing important info specific to that forum. HOWEVER we have resources on Delphi that would also be good to link to within a forum.

So how about the Resources section I see on the service forums be available to all Zeta forums. Hosts could choose to enable it, and which built in resources to include (why include Chat if you are not using a chatroom) But also add their own. They could be links as they are here in this forum that lead to Delphi pages (like discussions with forum rules, files etc) or off Delphi websites. This would make a more cohesive interaction between say a Facebook group/page/profile and the similar Delphi forum. Or a Blog, Game site, Company... It's already in the location most other social media sites have such links and resources.

CDP (PerraultC)

From: CDP (PerraultC)


Seems like a  great idea Kid. Not sure how difficult it would be for tech  to implement, but that is one of the  features that is lacking. Even if it isn't a 'sticky  thread' in definition, something that a host could put up without getting lost after being read would be nice for a lot of forums.

Not having it hasn't particularly hindered me even in my  more active stretches, but it might be something that would deter some newcomers from other  platforms coming our way.

Utilizing the  Welcome/Start page is an option,  but we know those are often bypassed.


From: gunter


I do like the idea of having the Resources section available for  all forums.

CDP (PerraultC) said:

g. Even if it isn't a 'sticky thread' in definition, something that a host could put up without getting lost after being read would be nice for a lot of forums.

Exactly - good to see you by the way :)

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Me too but I'd like the freedom to add my own as well. :)


From: gunter


Adding your own pages would be nice, something to consider is that links may take people off site, it takes away from traffic on the original site. When having a Webpage link in a forum for instance, the page should have a prominent link back to the forum.

Actually I’m mostly wanting to link to Delphi pages. Discussions that contain info either pertinent to using that forum or discussions with info on the forum’s topic. 

I understand the linking back to Delphi but in reality we navigate our members away from Delphi with embedded content. Live stories embeds the full Tweet but it links to the thread on Twitter. Ditto for article embeds.