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Would this be possible? Clear Folders.   New Features / Wish List

Started Jun-29 by Kenny (GoofBall1983); 286 views.

As a forum owner, I know that I can create discussion folders in my forum.  However, as every forum owner knows that once a folder is created, it can't be deleted or removed, only hidden.......... So, would it be possible to make it an available option to completely delete a discussion folder from a forum?  If that is possible, it would be greatly appreciated.

As you say, once a folder is can't delete it. If you want a folder to zero out you can delete all the discussions in that folder from last to first and end up with an empty folder ready for future usage. Different process...same affect.

Thanks, but I already knew that....... I'm asking if the owners of Delphi can create an option for forum owners to completely delete a folder from a forum.


From: gunter


This has come up a number of times but never acted on. One difficulty is that it would be a dangerous tool when possibly a huge number of messages accidentally disappear. Another factor is that older messages normally do not show unless someone searches for them. Newer messages quickly fill the slots so there is no reason to delete any.

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I understand that......... Thanks, gunter.