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Change back to Basic from Delphi Plus    Everything Else

Started 7/2/18 by Marcia (Marcycat); 201 views.
Marcia (Marcycat)

From: Marcia (Marcycat)


To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a member of this Delphi Forums for many years. At first I started out as a Basic member, then a few years later, switched to Delphi Plus (I think!). Now I would like to change my membership back to basic. How do I go about it? You may email me. I think it is listed on my account  or somewhere on the site. (I am on Facebook as well so you may try to message me over there too.) 

Best Regards,

Marcia Adams (MarcyCat)  


From: gunter

7/2/18 lets you turn off renewal.  When you do that you will not be charged again and you will continue as a DelphiBasic member when your subscription runs out.

let us know how it goes ...


In reply toRe: msg 2

From: WaltHowe


This does not apply to Marcycat, but for those who subscribe through PayPal, please understand that cancelling a PayPal subscription has to be done at PayPal, not in Delphi.