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Chat logs not working   Chat

Started 11/10/18 by Sassy (MrsSassy); 1872 views.

OH! I wondered what the heck happened! lol Thought it was me, I even whacked myself upside the head in case I had a screw loose.

I'll reset it now.  Are you switching the log off manually for a reason I may have forgotten?


From: Cstar1


If there's a bot in the room, the logs won't switch off, and the transcript may not appear. Logs get too big and unwieldy if they're left on all the time, so it's recommended that you turn them off at least once every 24 hours if you have a very active room. 

She does have a busy room so I'll let her know, thanks. 

Any known issues with logs not appearing with the bot in the room?

Hey Sassy, you were turning off logs for a reason! 

Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


I was told by Cstar quite some time ago that if a bot was in the room the log would run non stop so~ I always turn it off anytime I am ready to open our chat for the evening honey. That way I'm sure that the evening chat is in fact logged. Thank you for looking into the issue. YOUR the BESTEST!

(((love&hugs))) Sassy

So the chat logs are currently showing in your controls?

Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


Yes Mame they sure are! :) Not sure why the dates are scrambled instead of being in order. Maybe because some of them are not in the main support room? The rest all follow the days of the month except for those few??? odd to me at least.



Oh weird lol I’ll have a looksie in the morning, glad they are showing though thumbsup


From: MsNuttyOne


Kid in our chat room the bot has not been logging the chat room.  I have been reading all these messages and did everything but boot the bot.  can you possibly HELP? lol


From: gunter


Looks to be working after I did a /log off first, then turned it on again /log on .  It's on now.

If it was running for long period it may have gotten overloaded? Best to turn it off when not needed else it stays on all the time with a bot in the room.