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Report Violations Function   Control Center

Started 11/30/18 by Rose Gold Dictator (Artoo); 1180 views.

Is that note clickable? Years back it was and you could select allow “pop ups on”

Thank you for all the work and posting the steps! 

8645 (RedBV)

From: 8645 (RedBV)


Tried that earlier and even after adding delphi, no joy . . .

8645 (RedBV)

From: 8645 (RedBV)


Off topic . . . but the CC gives me a notice to new PM . . . after opening it a number of times, it is still hanging that have a new PM . . .

I view all forums as classic . . . didn't know their was a CC until looking at the PM . . .

Yeah you have to delete it- sorry about that.

So with FF, add blocker disabled and you’ve allowed pop ups- still not working? System security maybe? Just spitballing - no sense making a bunch of changes when one can easily work around by PMing the host. 

Thanks again for all your help. 

8645 (RedBV)

From: 8645 (RedBV)


Most welcome . . . not often get to offer some help but like yourself when have the chance like a puzzle so ta say . . .

My thoughts are along the same lines of personal system security having some sort of conflict somewhere . . . thought about tinkering but don't know enough and very well could create myself a bigger problem than not being able to send a violation report to a forum host in FF . . . when I use Google Chrome on Delphi anyway . . .

Short of Delphi platform folks running sims with different combinations of malware and personal security software (among the many out there) to try and hunt down a solution . . . think, also, it would be best just to use the PM system . . .

Who knows somewhere along the lines of software updates some magic might happen and suddenly FF folks will find it works again . . .

Completely in agreement here.