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Report Violations Function   Control Center

Started 11/30/18 by Rose Gold Dictator (Artoo); 3134 views.

Yeah you have to delete it- sorry about that.

So with FF, add blocker disabled and you’ve allowed pop ups- still not working? System security maybe? Just spitballing - no sense making a bunch of changes when one can easily work around by PMing the host. 

Thanks again for all your help. 

8645 (RedBV)

From: 8645 (RedBV)


Most welcome . . . not often get to offer some help but like yourself when have the chance like a puzzle so ta say . . .

My thoughts are along the same lines of personal system security having some sort of conflict somewhere . . . thought about tinkering but don't know enough and very well could create myself a bigger problem than not being able to send a violation report to a forum host in FF . . . when I use Google Chrome on Delphi anyway . . .

Short of Delphi platform folks running sims with different combinations of malware and personal security software (among the many out there) to try and hunt down a solution . . . think, also, it would be best just to use the PM system . . .

Who knows somewhere along the lines of software updates some magic might happen and suddenly FF folks will find it works again . . .

Completely in agreement here.