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Santa Visits   Everything Else

Started Dec-4 by Santa (OlStNick); 543 views.
Santa (OlStNick)

From: Santa (OlStNick)


Delphi Forums!

Time to make my rounds again and I am so happy to see so many of my old friends here and delighted to note how many new ones there are!

Hosts, if you would like Santa to visit your forum please reply to me in this thread and I will add you to my list. Oh no, not THAT list HO HO HO!

This is Santa's 18th year on Delphi and without a doubt this is the BEST place to be on the WWW!


Wishing you all: love, joy and holiday magic!

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Thanks Santa, I know the forums I'm on always look forward to your visits!

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Santa (OlStNick)

From: Santa (OlStNick)


I'll add them to the list.

Santa has been in 40ish answering a post we created. The responds have been funny, the ones posting have looked forward to see what Santa will answer.  Thank you Santa for your visit!! Don't forget everyone to go visit Santa's Workshop, its a wonderful forum!  Happy Holidays Delphi!!



Santa (OlStNick)

From: Santa (OlStNick)


Oh Dana, I think you might have made the Nice list with that post!

Thank you!

Now, good luck on holding the position! HO HO HO!

Thank you Santa! I will try to stay on that nice list.. Can you define nice for me.... Please :)