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Does TOS delete all posts by spammer?   Administrative Issues

Started Dec-31 by EdGlaze; 95 views.

From: EdGlaze


I know TOS can globally gag and lock out spammers when they find them but what about the posts they already made?

Does TOS sometimes delete all posts by a spammer across all forums?

When I get spam posts I gag and lock out the poster then I edit the post and substitute on-topic content.

Since mine is an education forum, I keep a list of every discussion in one of my forums for reference and while updating it I noticed a recent discussion was deleted and I don't recall doing it.

Unfortunately the deletion left no clue as to what the substituted content was so I cannot repost it, thus my forum is worse off for the deletion.



From: gunter


When there is massive spamming across a number of forums we do delete, especially when the posts may upset members.