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New user bypassed waiting period   Administrative Issues

Started 1/5/19 by Keith Higdon (KeithHigdon); 161 views.

I had a user come on my forum this morning who was able to bypass my 24 waiting period for new members and was able to start several inane spam threads.  When I went to try and edit or delete the messages in question, none of those features were available to me (the only option was to feature them).  I ended up deleting the threads and putting the user on probation (pending further action), but I was curious how something like this can happen and if there's any other settings I can use to protect from this sort of thing?


From: gunter


Haven't heard of this happening before. PM me with the membername and which forum and I'll check some more.

There's a chance that this person was given voice long ago and has since changed their nickname to one that you don't recognize. If you click on their profile it should say when their first visit to your forum was.