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MAJOR bug.....thread just deleted.   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started 1/6/19 by victor was right (KFinspector); 768 views.

well, at least i know it WASN'T my imagination last time.

i posted to the wrong thread on my forum [VICTOR'S PLACE] just now.

so i went to delete that last post in the thread, a bit apprehensive as it's whispered you could lose a thread that way. and, now that's just happened.....again.

THE SYSTEM DELETED THE WHOLE THREAD [# 151] when i asked it to delete the last post. you've GOT to do something about this guys, i have threads with thousands of posts that took many years to grow and i'd hate to have one poofed because of a bug.

is thread 151 retrievable?

thanks for your time.

v i c t o r


From: gunter


Is this a public forum ... which webtag?


From: WaltHowe


The only way to delete a whole thread is from the Manage Discussion process. Deleting a single message should never delete the whole thread, unless it is a thread with a single message. I agree that there is no thread 151 in Victor's Place now. Are you sure that was the thread number?

yes-siree i'm sure...i was trying to call up #161 and hit the "5" key by mistake. that dredged up an old dormant thread that i posted on before realizing it WAS that.

so i deleted the POST [i right-clicked on "options"] and then saw "no discussions found" where the thread had just been. i did NOT click on "manage discussion" as i just wanted to delete a single post.

the reason #151 is not there is it got deleted through the "delete message" function.

just to see if this problem is widespread, could you please delete the last post from an old thread on THIS forum, just to see what happens? i'm not claiming it's a widespread issue, just that it happened to ME......LOL.

In reply toRe: msg 2

public forum, webtag is "ironbubble" [long story].

Msg 28459.6 deleted
Steph (STEP2U)

From: Steph (STEP2U)


Walt, I just tested this out on an old thread on a forum of mine. I posted a new message to it, then went and delete ONLY the message, and the entire thread deleted! (I made sure it was a thread that didn't matter!)

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


Do you recall the year? 

@gunter I’m thinking system archived threads. 

(@ mentions not working with iSO) 

CC to gunter

From: gunter


re I’m thinking system archived threads. 

just came to ask about that !

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


We can cross our fingers because I think they can retrieve it(?) at one time the archive threads hid and were recovered.

if this is the case