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Staff Member can not do anything in the controls   Control Center

Started 2/12/19 by Sassy (MrsSassy); 2914 views.
Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


I know this thread is dated but I just wanted to mention we do still have several members that come to my Forums Chat room every single night, That have no choice but to use Chrome as they bought Chromebooks!

When they come to chat they are constantly removed from the chat room... it's crazy how many times they are removed in the 4 hours it's open. I can't even count how many times it actually happens because it's so often.

Often they try to whisper to me for any number of reasons but every time they try to their screens get very dark ( but they can still see the words in the chat room ) however if they try to type~ what they type doesn't go on the chat screen. Plus shortly after they click on "enter" they are booted out yet again anyway.

It's VERY disrupting and frustrating for them and for everyone in the room including myself as I need their help! They are also having to change back to their nick every time they are booted out which is also a disruption to the flow of the conversations that was going on before they where removed as well. Not to mention the fact that both are on staff but can't do anything to help in the Chat room because every time they try to remove someone they get dumped out of the room...

Are there any sort of plans to get Delphi Chat to work better with Chrome any time soon? It's really getting old for those members to be paying for Delphi Plus and still having to fight to be able to use it simply because they chose to buy a brand new Chrome Book.

It's sure not your fault but I need to be able to explain it to everyone who enters using Chrome and is having problems. Often times people don't want to add an additional browser for many different reasons but for the most part I think its simply a matter of what they get use to using and they simply don't want to be forced to learn another one. Honestly they shouldn't be forced to in my opinion at least. :)

Tc hon! (((hugs & love )))



From: gunter


Sorry this continues being a problem with Chromebook, will let tech know.

thanks for the detailsĀ  ...

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


I think that sounds like a pop up blocker is preventing the additional screens from opening.

They can "whitelist" or allow pop ups from

CCing gunter here in case he has other ideas.

CC to gunter