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Site Outages this morning   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started Feb-20 by Franki 7775 (franki7775); 197 views.

Good day, 


I've been locked out of Delphi for the last five hours and get a pop up message everytime I want to post something. 


My bots at my forum has also disappeared and I simply want to know what is happening.



From: Gaelspirit


I believe it was site wide, the disruption of service...I couldn't get on either til recently, and I noticed bots missing at one of the forums I help at. I'm sure things will get back to normal at some point. 



From: gunter


Should be all back now. Tech has restarted servers and is investigating underlying causes of this as well as recent slow loading of pages. 

sorry for the interruption of service ...

In reply toRe: msg 3

Thanks Gunter. It seems to be working all fine now. The Bots are however still missing, but I believe they will return shortly.