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Problem with my new forum.   Basic Help for Hosts

Started Mar-6 by Kenny (GoofBall1983); 326 views.

I opened a forum a while back and made it private to be able to test different forum designs and things without any interference from other Delphi users...…. Today, I decided to make that forum public, re-name it, give it a chat room and add a Welcome Bot.  However, it seems that neither my new forum, or the chat room is showing up for public access and I cannot find it by typing it into the Search box on the Delphi Forums Home page.  I also can't find the chat room in mIRC, even after I went into the chat room under Zeta and put in the Welcome Bot.  I made sure that I went under my Controls and made it public.  Any help on this would be very much appreciated.  My new forum is called Hosiery as a Unisex Garment.


From: gunter


This is

Also look in Controls, Forum Promotion, Index/Keywords.

Undo the No there. Pick a Category, a couple of Keywords,

Submit at the bottom.

It may take until tomorrow for it to show everywhere.

let us know how it goes ...

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Ah, ok...….. Under Controls, Forum Promotion, Forum Index where it asks "Do you want your forum to appear in category listings and search results on Delphi Forums?", the NO option was clicked, so I clicked YES.  Now, is there anyway to change to the Web address from forumtesting to the name of my forum?


From: Cstar1


Kenny (GoofBall1983) said:

Now, is there anyway to change to the Web address from forumtesting to the name of my forum?

No, the webtag (address) can't be changed. You could start another forum though, and choose the webtag you really want. 

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Alright, I will do that...….. Thank you, Cstar.