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Not getting e-mail notifications   Everything Else

Started 4/6/19 by srragland; 2592 views.

From: srragland


Thanks Walt.

Good to hear. One comment that I read on the Comcast Support Forum mentioned that Comcast was blocking the IP address...if that helps.

I have a test account here that has as its email address. I'll let you know if anything changes.

EDIT: Strange thing just happened. I logged into my test account and got a message that Delphi Forums was having a problem with my email. I went to My Preferences and checked the email address and I'd used instead of I changed it and got this message in my email: Thanks for taking the time to update the email address associated with your XXX account on Delphi Forums.

That email came from - I thought...problem solved in getting blocked by Comcast. I logged out, logged into this account, went to my test forum and sent a reply post to my test account. No email when polled by my Thunderbird email. I then went to my Comcast email and that post had gone to the spam folder.

I have no idea why one would go through...and the other wouldn't. The only thing I can figure is these two emails from are coming from two different IP addressees.





Any news on this? I am not getting email notifications and have checked all my preferences and they are ok. Another forum member says she's not getting them either in the last week or so. Has something changed?




From: WaltHowe


Hotmail has been bouncing your messages back to us, and we stopped sending them. If you don't see a message to reset your email when you log in, I suggest resetting your email address anyway. Try changing it to something else and then change it back. We have taken some steps which should make them less likely to treat the notifications as spam, once the messages are flowing again. 

Comcast still treating as spam.

Any progress there?




I have changed my email to my earthlink address which sends all to the hotmail address.can you send me a test mail?


From: gunter


Sending you a copy of this.




Mine seems to be working now after I changed to another email address.  Something was going on with my hotmail address. I am checking with the other members to see if they have trouble.


From: gunter


DONNAG said:

I am checking with the other members to see if they have trouble.

See if it's the same provider perhaps blocking email from here.

Sassy (MrsSassy)

From: Sassy (MrsSassy)


All of the sudden ( the past few months is when I actually noticed it )  I'm not getting notifications of any posts in my Forum.

They are NOT going to my spam folder and I have checked with my local provider who says they are not blocking them,   ( which I do believe because basically they don't filter anything from my email account with them. Lords knows I wish they would at times but that's a topic for them to hear about LOL )

I get totally confused with the setting for email notifications for Delphi but I haven't changed anything on my account other than credit card expiration dates over the years and my account has been in effect for almost 20 years now and I have ALWAYS gotten notifications either the same day or eventually they do show up.

Could you look at my preferences and make sure that its checked so I DO get notifications from Delphi please?

( Note: ) Not sure why you choose to make it so confusing when a simple check mark in a box is so much easier to figure out. LOL

Thanks a bunch! Sassy