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Around Delphi option   Technical Issues /Bugs

Started Apr-19 by StyxTx; 584 views.

From: StyxTx


I have "Around Delphi" turned off in my forum but it is still showing. How can I get it removed?

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**slides into thread**

Me too - I'm interested in an update to when this feature will be enabled.

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From: StyxTx


No one can tell me how to turn off the widget?

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You can't that's why I chimed in. It was suppose to be a future feature I guess and I'm hoping the future is now, or at least near. :)

CC to gunter
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Do you mean in Zeta? That’s the promotions - and disabling is not working (yet, apparently) 

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I'm sorry, I'm not seeing that in Classic Controls, can you narrow it down for me? Which section in Controls do you see this option?


From: RCBZ


I was wondering what the person in post one was talking about. My forum is in classic mode and i don't recall ever seeing an option to turn it on or off...or is it onlt for Zeta?

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Oh I see, yes it's a feature in Zeta that displays promotions from other forums (as your Start page currently does on the right hand side frame) the option to turn it off is not working though.