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Stuck nick   Chat

Started 7/1/19 by isabella555; 980 views.

You can probably delete the room and then just reopen one with the same name.


From: gunter


A ghostee nick likeVicNep3_2 would give 'no such user' since that is VicNep3 with the tail added by the system after the member tries logging in again when the original is hung. If you're in contact with the member, suggest logging out, rebooting, as well.

The Kid's suggestion of deleting the room and starting up again may be quickest.

In reply toRe: msg 6

From: isabella555


Hi gunter and kid, thank you both for the help. We get the 'NoUser' message with all of the VicNep3 nicks, we haven't come across it before and have been able to kick nicks with tails in the past. He hasn't replied to us in the room, I will try a pm. If I deleted the room, I would imagine my trivia would be deleted also? Is there no way someone on delphi staff can remove him/them? Thanks again.

Good point, yes the bot would reset after re-enabling it. It’s the Delphi one? 

Hopefully the member replies and logs out. 


From: isabella555


Hi kid, the trivia isn't the delphi one. I have sent a message to Vic, he was recently on the visitor's list but didn't enter the room nor reply to the message.

Oh yeah, don't delete the room in that case!


From: isabella555


I agree, kid. Once again, VicNep3 has appeared on the visitor's list, hasn't been in the room since I messaged him, but still has not replied, so I have no idea if he's logged out completely and rebooted as suggested. It's frustrating, I'm really hoping delphi techs can find a way to help him and his clones out for me? Thanks.

He's only appearing on the visitor list daily like this because his nick is stuck in chat. His last login was June 17 so he may not be seeing your PMs - perhaps try the email link in his profile?

I think gunter already requested a chat server reboot so perhaps wait until mid morning and see it Vic's ghost nicks are gone?


From: isabella555


Ok, will do, ty for your help, kid.

Els (misselsa)

From: Els (misselsa)


I was following this discussion and I wonder if a chat server reboot has the same effect on the trivia bot as closing the chatroom and open a new one.